Mobile website – is it necessary to have one today?

Do you use a mobile phone? I know it is a silly question, obviously my question should be, do you have a Smartphone? People have become very tech-savvy today. They use the latest gadgets like Smartphones and Tablets. Internet penetration has dramatically changed in the last few years.

Right now, Smartphone and Tablet sales are booming and hence internet penetration has increased in these devices. Nowadays most people surf the internet through their mini devices; thus if you are an online entrepreneur then you must develop a mobile website of your business website.

What is a mobile website?

A website which provides perfect resolution in different mobile devices is called as a mobile website. In layman’s terms a website which is easy to use, has content that is readable and which can easily access the website without any hassles is called a mobile website.

Is it necessary?

Yes, it is. 50.4% of US citizens own a Smartphone and they are accessing the internet from that device. These gadgets have revolutionized the technological world because they are portable. It is accessible wherever you are and for that reason people like to use the internet only from a Smartphone.

How will it help you gain more sales?

Since 50.4% of Americans use a Smartphone, just imagine the potential of these devices! A mobile website gives the best user experience if the user is surfing the web from his/her mobile. This will make them repeat visitors to your website.

Below are some advantages of having a mobile website for your business.

Mobile purchasers

Online shoppers love to buy products through their Smartphones because it is a convenient experience; they don’t have to switch on their laptop and connect to the net. If your website is good enough to catch their attention, then they will become your repeat customers.

The marketing point of view

If you have a mobile website then you can easily facilitate your local marketing with the help of offline marketing activities. You can place the QR codes on your printed materials so that users can simply scan it with their Smartphone and access your website.

Sharing is easy in mobile website

If users get fascinated by a product and want to share it with their friends and relatives then they can easily share it through various available options like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. The same thing is not possible when users surf the website from the desktop or laptop because there they will open multiple tabs at the same time while in a mobile they will only stick to one web page. That is the main advantage of mobile websites.

Remember, only if you have an aesthetic and user friendly website which will also please the users, will it be helpful to you. Otherwise it will ruin your company’s branding. So always be fully aware while developing your mobile website.


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