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Content Marketing on Facebook: Make it Viral

A lot of hype is created over the social media when it comes to content marketing. Content marketing is not limited to blogging alone. In reality, social media is an excellent platform for content marketing according to new surveys.

Nowadays, a lot of data is available online. Every business on Facebook should prioritize to its niche audience in order to fulfill the aspirations of its clients.

Here I share these tips and tricks about how to post content online and on Facebook:

Post Regularly

People like to enjoy fresh content. Posting it online on regular basis will help you to engage with more customers and online visitors. Every Facebook page is different and unique.

If you are creating an informative content for online visitors, post them on regular basis. If you aren’t able to create it on the daily and weekly basis, then at the most you can share information related to your niche audience. To have a business fan page in Facebook, post at least once in a day to attract your clients.
Moreover, make your position as an expert who is interested in providing information to their fans. People would like to take advice from you.

Don’t draw your post if you are posting useful content. Make it short and simple as people are interested to read quickly on the web. Your post should be user-friendly where users can click on your article.

Make use a Call to Action

Ask yourself what exactly you want. Your Facebook Post might receive useful feedback in the form of interactions. This isn’t necessary that if someone reads an excellent post and thinks to share with friend.

Remember, call to action is to provide information, ask questions, give link and provide an image.

For instance, if you are a furniture firm and have created an article about how to keep your furniture clean, post on Facebook like How to keep your furniture clean? Here are some tips and tricks (provide your article link here). Keep sharing with your friends!

Convey Value to Your Fans

Watch out! Know your customers and fans. Check out what kind of information they like, engage and their response. Through these, you could provide value to your fans. The best approach is to place different content and check out what kind of response they get.

By using Facebook Insights, you can have in-depth data about every post that is enabling you to grow and increase the scope of your business. In a way, this is an effective solution when you are engaging in content marketing.

Make Visual

A brand has to compete with an average FB user who has around 260 friends. There shouldn’t be any space for other space in news feeds. To make visual your post in the user’s mind, use photos and videos and increase your credibility in front of online users.

Make sure that you have reflected your company or brand through profile picture and cover photo. Hence, people can have an idea about your company. Visit us for professional Web Design and Web Promotion Services.


Create a Brand Identity with Social Media Marketing Strategies

Socializing on the web helps to create a brand name and identity of your own. You engage the online visitors on your social media profiles and pages.

With the help of social media activities and maintaining the updates and posts, you can establish a name in the business circles. These tips on the social media will enable you to earn recognition in the short-run.
Social Media Marketing

1. Check out your social media profile daily. This will promote the growth of your business as you might be interested to know the minute details in perspective. Many companies only create their social profile and pages, and login after a week or a month which is not a good practice.

Therefore, just login into your account daily whenever you select social platform sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You will be able to focus on the goals and activities which are crucial in social media marketing.

2. Reply to direct communications from your contacts and followers. It is an important aspect you reply any message which you have received from your followers or fans. There are a number of message formats like Facebook Direct Messages, Facebook Wall Post, Facebook Status or tags in the picture, Direct Messages on Twitter and Twitter @ reply.

These kinds of conversations are important as they signify the interests of those people who are interested in your brand rather than not just reading content.

3. Keep an update with interesting content to push the conversation. After you have replied to direct messages to your profile, give some time to update your status or post a message that will encourage the communication between followers. Like you can post,

  1. Challenging question
  2. Share interesting article
  3. Give your comments on recent news
  4. Updating your status with an inspirational quote or picture
  5. Ask for feedback to your followers for your particular product

When you create these types of messages, social followers will send you their feedback and inputs to your messages. Place these sentences like ‘Share your thoughts’ or ‘Give your feedback in comments’, which can engage more potential followers and attract them to your profile.

4. Look for new followers. Include those people as your followers who are interested in the kind of brand you provide and are eager to know more about the kind of products or services.

But, if you are new in the online business or have a new website and limited market knowledge to draw more followers, you want to focus more attention to attract them for business interests.

Through Twitter, you can avail the profile details of people associated with your industry. Keep an eye on those following them and check out their profiles that indicate they are interested in the company details.

You can expect a lot of people will follow you and increase your follower base size. It is the challenging task to attract new ones on Facebook as it requires permission from followers, but applies the same rules here too.

5. Find out the branded terms of your company. You need to proceed for quick search of the phrases or abbreviations used in the company’s brands.

These tips will help you to engage more followers and create your business identity.

Tips to Develop Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website

Like mobile phones, Smartphones have changed the way people use their devices. Internet users are using more mobiles than desktops nowadays.

WordPress website owners are responsible for creating designs that responds according to the mobile web browsers and mobile screens. Many people do not prefer to condense the size of their design aspects on a screen that can actually fit into the palm.

WordPress community helps in providing the vast range of plug-in and themes for mobile particulars. This is the simplest and fastest technique to make your usual website to the mobile website and can do it with technical knowledge. Most plug-ins are available with their own XHTML themes for mobile screens while others provide theme galleries and the facility of development customized mobile themes.

Consider some of these aspects to create an excellent web presence without having any technical knowledge.

WordPress Development

WP Touch Plug-in

Through plug-in, you can create WordPress website mobile-friendly in short span. It is perfect for WordPress website owners, who target Smartphone users and even support iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones. Premium WP Touch Pro-version provides the facility for special tablet devices that can access a particular website.

How it performs

WP Touch and WP Touch Pro achieve the process by creating the customized themes and style sheets. WordPress theme agent will recognize the browser agent.

When it identifies any mobile device, it will place the present theme with mobile theme and provide users a single-column layout for the website. The mobile plug-in let site administrators organize an entire mobile website comprising categories, website pages and others. Users will be provided the facility for switching to the regular site any time.

Use WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile Edition plug-in is available in the WordPress plug-in library. It is a new plug-in that allows users to target particular OS and display different versions for mobile users to each type of OS. This signifies that Android users and iPhone users will have a range of layouts.

How it performs

WP Mobile Edition plug-in is available with readymade themes for users. These themes can be allocated based on the device. Users can be provided one theme for Android users while another for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. The modifications can be done to both the themes by making use of the standard WordPress variable, PHP and XHTML coding in style sheet like a template.

Design a Website with CSS3 and HTML5

Prefer the customized design of HTML5 and CSS3. By making the use of HTML5 and CSS3, you can design a single one page design for mobile users rather than having large images. These images decrease the improvement of your website and mobile device. Designer should consider proper navigation schema for mobile website.

Importance of ASP .net for website development

Most websites start off as static websites. Because of evolution in web and web development they have to be more interactive. Developers and programmers today must be well-equipped to deal with many problems while creating dynamic websites. ASP .net development platform helps making dynamic websites easy and better.

About ASP .net

For, ASP .net development you need to purchase a development platform, Visual Studio which is developed by Microsoft. ASP .Net project is a collection of web pages which you have created. A Creative-Adaptive structural design of ASP .net allows custom-built tool adapters to be visualized for web controls of ASP .net. These adapters can make custom-made interpretation for a command which is given by demanded browser.

ASP .Net Development

ASP .Net Development

Why ASP .net?

ASP .net web development provides the facility of reduced code while creating large pages. ASP .net framework has in-built controls, user controls and web controls, which allow developers to create a website in easy steps. It supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With ASP .Net a user can have a great website and web application with secured platform.

What makes ASP .net special?

  • Development of web application is easy
  • Less time consumed for maintaining pages and application
  • It is a secured platform that ensures your data security which should be displayed to user
  • It supports multi-languages
  • Having standard tool set makes it easy to understand
  • Memory managements organized automatically by its development environment
  • Controls get updated automatically
  • HTML is separated
  • Because of interpreted code, execution of application is faster

To develop your web application in ASP .net, hire an expert developer. Advantages of appointing a developer for your ASP .net web application are explained here.

  • Experienced developers have knowledge of ASP and .Net so they can provide their best in both technologies and you can have the best web application.
  • Custom ASP .Net programming knowledge is essential when you want a secured business web application. Expertise of developer will give you better business solutions.
  • Professional developers can build all types of web applications like standalone web application as well as server side or client side web applications.
  • They also provide excellent services for your existing web application. They will find the problem and solve it quickly.
  • They involve you in the development cycle which means they consider all your requirements for applications.
  • After completing of development process, this application goes through many tests and quality checks. They check performance, consistency, quality and security and will provide 100% error free web application or software.
  • A professional developer provides maintenance after even project is delivered.

Mobile website – is it necessary to have one today?

Do you use a mobile phone? I know it is a silly question, obviously my question should be, do you have a Smartphone? People have become very tech-savvy today. They use the latest gadgets like Smartphones and Tablets. Internet penetration has dramatically changed in the last few years.

Right now, Smartphone and Tablet sales are booming and hence internet penetration has increased in these devices. Nowadays most people surf the internet through their mini devices; thus if you are an online entrepreneur then you must develop a mobile website of your business website.

What is a mobile website?

A website which provides perfect resolution in different mobile devices is called as a mobile website. In layman’s terms a website which is easy to use, has content that is readable and which can easily access the website without any hassles is called a mobile website.

Is it necessary?

Yes, it is. 50.4% of US citizens own a Smartphone and they are accessing the internet from that device. These gadgets have revolutionized the technological world because they are portable. It is accessible wherever you are and for that reason people like to use the internet only from a Smartphone.

How will it help you gain more sales?

Since 50.4% of Americans use a Smartphone, just imagine the potential of these devices! A mobile website gives the best user experience if the user is surfing the web from his/her mobile. This will make them repeat visitors to your website.

Below are some advantages of having a mobile website for your business.

Mobile purchasers

Online shoppers love to buy products through their Smartphones because it is a convenient experience; they don’t have to switch on their laptop and connect to the net. If your website is good enough to catch their attention, then they will become your repeat customers.

The marketing point of view

If you have a mobile website then you can easily facilitate your local marketing with the help of offline marketing activities. You can place the QR codes on your printed materials so that users can simply scan it with their Smartphone and access your website.

Sharing is easy in mobile website

If users get fascinated by a product and want to share it with their friends and relatives then they can easily share it through various available options like SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. The same thing is not possible when users surf the website from the desktop or laptop because there they will open multiple tabs at the same time while in a mobile they will only stick to one web page. That is the main advantage of mobile websites.

Remember, only if you have an aesthetic and user friendly website which will also please the users, will it be helpful to you. Otherwise it will ruin your company’s branding. So always be fully aware while developing your mobile website.

Dropbox – a place where you can put your life

Have you ever thought that you can carry your world wherever you go? I think no one has but in today’s world this is possible. Currently, we carry all our documents, videos, pictures and much more with us. We can access them from any corner of the globe. These things are possible through the invention of cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a type of network in which various servers are hosted in different locations and all of them are connected to each other. When users utilize data from cloud storage, they will get their data from servers that are located near their accessing location. Hence they will get high-speed accessibility.

How Dropbox was invented

Dropbox is a cloud storage service provider which was founded by MIT students. The main aim of the Dropbox was to access each other’s files at any place but ultimately the inventors thought why not include this service in a cloud computing world and the innovation began to be implemented in the real world.

What is Dropbox?

You have various data and you have to carry the entire lot to a single location, That is when organizing this data matters a lot. Dropbox manages all your documents in one place. It is a cloud storage service in which we can upload documents, videos, pictures and many more stuff. Dropbox is like your virtual drive where you can store all your documents and access them at any point of time and from any part of the world.

Once you install the Dropbox in your device it will create a different type of folder where all your online files can be synced and you will find all your files from that place. You don’t need to connect to the internet and open the browser for viewing your files. Also, if you have uploaded new files in your Dropbox then once you connect to Dropbox, it will automatically sync with your Dropbox folder whether it is on your desktop, laptop or Smartphone. You can also access all your files without connecting to the internet.

Let’s say you have multiple files located in different devices and so managing all of them is frustrating. So if you use Dropbox you can easily manage all those files in one location. One of the best features of Dropbox is that you can integrate all your devices with it; that means you are able to receive all your files on your desktop, laptop or Smartphone. Isn’t that so convenient? Moreover, you can also view your files on the Dropbox website; hence, if by mistake you lose your laptop or Smartphone, you can get all your files from Dropbox’s website.

Dropbox Price…

If your usage is limited then you don’t have to pay anything for using the Dropbox because it will give you 2GB free space in the free version of it. If you have large data of documents and want more than 2GB of space then Dropbox will charge you. For 100, 200 and 500 GB plans start from $9.99/ month. Don’t you think its pretty reasonable a facility?

If you are in the online world then it is essential for you to have all your documents in the virtual world as you will need them at any time. So forget the ancient fashion of keeping pen drives and CDs with you and admit Cloud storage into your world.

Tips for getting projects of website development

Being an entrepreneur in the IT field has been a great experience but it is a fact that this field throws challenges more than your imaginations. Yes, if you are website development organization or consultant  and want to acquire projects related to website development then it is very challenging as there are ample  website development consultants  available in the market. If you are in line to start a website development company then you need to prepare a proper strategy and execute it  , only then you will be able to manage to get  projects.

How to get the projects of website development? This is really a BIG question for every entrepreneur and hence I am going to share some of my marketing knowledge which will help you  get  new projects of website development.

First understand then promote

First understand what you are going to provide then start promoting because in an online world if you do any erroneous promotion then you will lose your reputation and once you lose it then it is very difficult to convince  clients. Understand your services inside-out and then perform  apt marketing  .

Adopt the strategy of soft selling in a hard world

This is a  very effective strategy and you will get to know  how  things are sold in this hard world. With this strategy,  you have to combine two marketing strategies and then have to go ahead. As an example, if you are planning an email campaign then you have to be ready to perform cold-calling to only those whom you have sent the mail. In this way, it will act as a soft reminder to the user and also help in brand building.

Take full advantage of your contacts, relatives and friends

While you are performing  business in an online world then your contacts will be your best resources to acquire more business. In an  online world,  users only believe in those contacts whom they have been acquainted with and  if your company has been referred then it will create a good impact and also this is a good way of obtaining  business.

Use social media

Social media is the perfect platform for marketing and sales. Through social media you will obtain strong branding and once you reach  the benchmark you will start getting inquires. Apart from this, you will also able to interact with your users thus  enabling you to provide the best customer support.

In the current time on the online world, if you are not strategic enough then you will not sustain in the market hence before starting a business you must research and create a concrete plan there after you will achieve your goals.

Hope you will implement the mentioned points in your startup…!!!