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Dropbox – a place where you can put your life

Have you ever thought that you can carry your world wherever you go? I think no one has but in today’s world this is possible. Currently, we carry all our documents, videos, pictures and much more with us. We can access them from any corner of the globe. These things are possible through the invention of cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a type of network in which various servers are hosted in different locations and all of them are connected to each other. When users utilize data from cloud storage, they will get their data from servers that are located near their accessing location. Hence they will get high-speed accessibility.

How Dropbox was invented

Dropbox is a cloud storage service provider which was founded by MIT students. The main aim of the Dropbox was to access each other’s files at any place but ultimately the inventors thought why not include this service in a cloud computing world and the innovation began to be implemented in the real world.

What is Dropbox?

You have various data and you have to carry the entire lot to a single location, That is when organizing this data matters a lot. Dropbox manages all your documents in one place. It is a cloud storage service in which we can upload documents, videos, pictures and many more stuff. Dropbox is like your virtual drive where you can store all your documents and access them at any point of time and from any part of the world.

Once you install the Dropbox in your device it will create a different type of folder where all your online files can be synced and you will find all your files from that place. You don’t need to connect to the internet and open the browser for viewing your files. Also, if you have uploaded new files in your Dropbox then once you connect to Dropbox, it will automatically sync with your Dropbox folder whether it is on your desktop, laptop or Smartphone. You can also access all your files without connecting to the internet.

Let’s say you have multiple files located in different devices and so managing all of them is frustrating. So if you use Dropbox you can easily manage all those files in one location. One of the best features of Dropbox is that you can integrate all your devices with it; that means you are able to receive all your files on your desktop, laptop or Smartphone. Isn’t that so convenient? Moreover, you can also view your files on the Dropbox website; hence, if by mistake you lose your laptop or Smartphone, you can get all your files from Dropbox’s website.

Dropbox Price…

If your usage is limited then you don’t have to pay anything for using the Dropbox because it will give you 2GB free space in the free version of it. If you have large data of documents and want more than 2GB of space then Dropbox will charge you. For 100, 200 and 500 GB plans start from $9.99/ month. Don’t you think its pretty reasonable a facility?

If you are in the online world then it is essential for you to have all your documents in the virtual world as you will need them at any time. So forget the ancient fashion of keeping pen drives and CDs with you and admit Cloud storage into your world.